Our Purpose

  1. providing information to support and enable parents to maximise opportunities for their children.
  2. providing education, workshops, forums, advocacy, and general support.
  3. providing recreational facilities and opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people.
  4. We help women discover their inner strength and confidence through information, assistance, and support. Our desire is that every woman be empowered to enjoy stability and fulfilment in every area of their life.

5. we encourage and inspire women to overcome barriers and reach their full potential. Moreover, in all we do we seek to prevent exclusion by bringing families and communities together to build links and connection, understanding and respect between them and other people with a mutual respect and dignity.

6. we assist women in finding and accessing available community services. We provide orientation services to newcomers in the UK which English is not their first language.

7. we provide free and impartial Confidential Advice services for women and families.


Education Program

Our aim is to develop positive school cultures on the basis of the rights

Online Fundraising

We are dedicated to improving lives and building a future for poor children

Save The World

Our vision is to provide clean environment to developing the world