Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision & Values

  • Our vision is to improve women’s and young people’s lives, through respect, advice, information, equality diversity and inclusion, education, discussions, training and movement of structured information, with the intended outcome being the achievement of excellence for all.
  • To encourage the public, private and civil society sectors to establish partnerships to work towards local solutions to common economic challenges collaboratively.
  • Support the launch of campaigns on social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. By working with diverse community groups, institutions, schools and hospitals, Inclusive Life Projects shall be a focal point where a wide range of services and information will be accessible.

  • We innovatively stand and strongly promote gender equality alongside ethnicity awareness in the UK & international. Our key points stress the need to be aware of disabled people and to stand firmly with gender equality for UK, Africa and worldwide.

Our Mission

Ø  Help to raise awareness and understanding of disability in our various communities.

Ø  Instead a driving Disabled and Vulnerable People to the margins of society an integrative approach should be adopted, one which would provide a solid legal framework that emphasises non-discrimination towards them and promotes their social and economic contribution to our vibrant society.

Ø  We will engage with all other organisations, local authorities to provide a comprehensive approach to support our services users.

Ø  ILP are a resilient community of disabled and non-disabled people with a shared vision of equality.

Ø  We use our collective power to change attitudes and end inequality, and we campaign insistently with other charity to create a fairer society.

Ø  We provide practical advice and information support whenever people need those most. We do this through our ILP helpline, WhatsApp group, co-production, emails, messages, community engagement platforms, signpost and more. However, all of our services are established to accomplish our approach.

Ø  ILP aims to transform the targeted concepts of women and vulnerable outcaste disabled in Africa; with your help, all of us- not only ILP can change the world to help enlighten the future of excluded disabled people within society.


  • Promote the rights of the disabled for better social and economic equity. We offer a package that will provide all the necessary information about the services available to meet their needs.
  • Dispensation of entrepreneurship literacy workshops.
  • We live in a society where disabled and vulnerable people are left to fend for themselves and are absolutely rejected because of their disabilities.
  • Development and deepening of local, regional and international partnerships to gain media visibility.
  • We work with different organisations every year, from large and small charities through innovative social enterprises to new-start community groups.


  • Provide a sustainable environment and a colourful centre in an open space with means of transport, toilets and accessibility adapted to all people with disabilities.
  • To organise conference, defining disabled and women’s voices for worldwide as an entity that brings together different partners in a local area to work together, harnessing local and international resources for sustainable economic growth.
  • To be the voice of excluded groups, such as the disabled around the world. To provide services including advice, information, education, training and support to aid personal, career and entrepreneurial development of women and young people.
  • To raise public awareness of the development needs of a region and to build links at national and international levels.
  • To work for the transformation of illiterate women by giving a voice to the voiceless.